DropBox Folder in NextCloud?

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611 (rc3)
Module: NextCloud

Hi, whatsapp! :slight_smile:

So, i just setup a NextCloud here, Added Dropbox as an external storage, but i wanted a way to sync my samba shares into the dropbox folder. Is this possible in any way? I wanted once a day make a .sh run and cp files to that folder that syncs with dropbox.

As I understand it, Nextcloud, nor ownCloud, recognize system file adds to their directories, ie;, if you rsync files from a share to the nextcloud data folder, nextcloud will not automatically index what you’ve copied. You can find more specific info in the nextcloud support forums.

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Oh thats too bad, will have to find a dropbox client for terminal :confused:

Dropbox does not however googledrive works perfectly both ways and instantly,

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I can’t get your configuration, why do you want samba on dropbox? That’s not the NextCloud purpose, you have to use it to centralize all your data scattered all over your accounts (samba, dropobox, google drive). In my mind that’s the correct schema:

NextCloud :point_left: SambaShares
NextCloud Client



Dropbox and google drive are integral part of any nextcloud implementation. Surely later on it will be also the onedrive of Microsoft.
There will always be data posted on either without passing through nextcloud.
Today dropbox does not sync (push) therefore a manual drive scan on nextcloud should be performed
in order to refresh.

The nextcloud client/.web client is the consolidation point and should always used when possible.

I understand what you mean.

I had hopes to use NextCloud to sync samba shares on dropbox! :frowning:

You see, my client does not have a really trusty hardware to make backup´s, that´s why in this cases i tend to make cloud backups at least once a day.

When i was using ClearOS i had this feature, it was really simple. Just using Crontab and a copy.sh :slight_smile:

Soo, i will give GoogleDrive a try, so, where is Google Drive Default Folder on NethServer?