DrayTek Vigor 165 as a modem or router?


the old FritzBox 7490, died by overheating, is replaced by a Draytek Vigor 165.

Currently I run the FritzBox with DHCP at the red interface, my Gigaset GoBox I run directly at the FritzBox.
That had the advantage if I did something on NS the phone worked :wink:

Since the Vigor 165 is used as a modem, I ask myself what would be better?

Integration as a modem or again as a router and the NS is in the DMZ.

To illustrate it, I’ve shown the two ways graphically.

old Configuration

new VDSL Modem

new Router



Both configurations are viable. And you can do different things with them…
Ask yourself what you want, and what you don’t want.
And also, report it here, so anyone could answer with his/her opinion.

Hi Gerald,

if I’m not wrong, the configuration “new VDSL Modem” bridges your green interface directly to the modem (blue line from 2 to 2 and from 1 to 1), so the firewall of your NS is useless. If you consider a vlan for your GoBox, it’s the same then connecting it directly to the vigor. But where is the advantage, unless you cant’t place the GoBox to connect it directly? So IMO the config “new router” is the safer one. :wink:

Well, the highlight of the modem is that in pure modem operation, the second interface for the status information and configuration is used.
The second port has its own (internal green network) IP, and is completely separate from the red interface.

Yes, to put the GoBox in my own vlan would be an idea, but I have to test it first because I’ve never tried it.