DPI Nethserver System


(Christian Plaza) #1


how I can make it work the DPI module…???

(Marc) #2

You can install ndpi and firewall modules, then you’ll be able to create the desired firewall rules following the instructions in the manual (also in spanish)

(Marc) #3

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(m_farlotta) #4

Hello to all nets in my nethserver the dpi module is installed but for no reason appears in active services

thank you

(Marc) #5

On Status > DPI there’s a list of available DPI services and its status.
On Gateway > Firewall rules, when creating a new rule and selecting a Service there’s a non-paginated list of services to select from (e.g. Showing 10 results out of 274) and a search box to find additional services, like the DPI ones.

(m_farlotta) #6

Thanks for your info and really simple with this guide really use the dpi module
thank you