DPI and QoS doubts

I’m testing this software and it’s great… during my tests I have 2 questions… when I use DPI the mark that is assigned to a specific application, is already defined or is selected randomly? the other question is, when I use traffic shaping, how exactly works the high and low priority? I was wondering if I can use a (the) QoS for those marks and apply bandwidth limits for each one of it or if there is a package that I can add on the nethserver that may do this? it would be great

More info here: GitHub - NethServer/xt_ndpi-kmod

Check this: GitHub - NethServer/nethserver-firewall-base

Currently you can’t do it, because NS is using Shorewall “simple traffic shaping”.
To limit the current bandwidth we need to switch to complex traffic shaping, which is really really complex :open_mouth:


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