Download progress request

Hi, I’ve started looking at Nethserver 7 alpha3. One thing I always find useful are some statistics shown when downloading updates, softtware etc… It’s Ok having a progress bar showing 28% completed, but if you have no idea of the size of the download it’s almost meaningless. Any chance of adding some numbers to the progress bar(s) e.g. ‘23Mb of 346Mb total @ 200Mb/sec’ ?? Even if it’s not that accurate, it gives some idea of how long a coffee break to take while it downloads :slight_smile:

The wizzy circle when updating the software libraries after first install is even worse, but at least that’s a one off !!

There seems to be a general trend these days to ‘dumb things down’ and not provide any useful information, Windoze is particularly bad at this (not that I touch it :slight_smile: and Linux is going the same way unfortunately !


I’ve fixed the progress bar for the ns7 beta1 release! I hope it’s a good enhancement!


Is there a target date for beta1 release yet ?

Please, have a look at