Dovecot - countless "Drafts" in the "Trash" while/after writing E-Mails

When creating e-mails, a lot of drafts are apparently placed in the drafts folder and automatically moved to the trash. There they take up space and make the overview difficult.

The temporary drafts are evidently not created periodically but with every change, sometimes after a single character has been changed.

I noticed this behavior some time ago, but as long as you are not looking for anything in the trash, it is not annoying. So I’ve been able to ignore it so far.

In my case this occurs with several (current) Nethserver instances (with Sogo installation).
But so far I can only say that it occurs under macos (different versions) with “Apple Mail” (different versions).

Does anyone else experience this problem? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be regular either.

Regards yummiweb

I recall something similar with apple Mail drafts and Gmail. Do not remember what I did to solve it, but probably an apple Mail option to prevent it from storing drafts on the server or just disabling imap sync for that folder.

There were (are?) similar effects in Outlook / GMail combinations. As a solution, i only find “use the local draft folder” on the Internet.

So it is obviously not an Apple Mail specific problem. But what else can be the cause?

Saving the drafts basically works. Saving the updated drafts does not seem to work by “overwriting”. Instead, “recycle the draft and save the updated draft” is used.

Why is that? Is that a typical Dovecot or an adjustable behavior? Or is that a fallback behavior of the e-mail programs?

Regards yummiweb

I think the problem is the client. I know this problem with Outlook. At Outlook you have to go to Options, E-Mail, save Messages, save Elements not sent after ... minutes and disable this option.