Doubts when using samba by the Nethserver panel

How do I share an existing folder, for example the folder /var/www/html/ ???

I need to share some folders from the site and I can not get through the panel as it creates new folders.

Quick answer is: you need a template-custom for smb.conf

Now the question is why do you want to share /var/www/html/? In NethServer 7 web sites are supposed to be served by the “Virtual host” module

Hello! thanks for the feedback.

On my old server I use it directly in the /var/www/html folder without Virtual Hosts because I have only one site and one domain.

I would like to share to access through NetBeans via Windows mapping. I’ll check out the suggestion to use Virtual Hosts.

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Uh NetBeans? Are you a Java (and/or PHP) developer?

Please describe how do you want authenticate? Is it for a single user or group? What file/dir permissions are expected?

Hello @davidep! Sorry for the delay! lol

Today I have a web server with CentOS 6 pure, without the Nethserver package installed. On this server I share the / www folder for development personnel access through sharing on their own stations. They log on through authenticated users in Samba.

In Nethserver I would like to be able to share via samba an existing system folder, without using the one that will be created inside / ibay. With custom template do I get this?

For example, I create a Virtual Host in Apache and share the folder of this VHost via Samba without the need to access via FTP.

Surely it can be achieved with a template-custom for /etc/samba/smb.conf, as documented here

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