Doubled route after reboot

i have nethserver 7.9.2009 running with zerotier network on a cloud machine.
its working fine with ad and so on.
First i had openvpn installed then deinstalled it, after deleting all tunnels.

My AD is bridged with one of the zerotier Networks and so i build a bridge with the zerotier network.
After reboot the route looks like this:

and of course, the route won’t work.

When i configure the br0 interface again as green, bridge with zerotier network, then the route is ok.

But after reboot, it’s the same again double entry in the route and non working route.

How can i get rid of this problem?


single route after reconfiguring br0

configuring br0

signal-event interface-update
it works.
How can i call the signal-event after startup?

Hi and welcome to NethServer Community,

maybe it helps to define the relevant routes manually:

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