Don't see domain users at webtop for sharing contacts or calendar

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: webtop

Hi friends,
I’m using webtop by a customer and I’m trying to share contacts.
I’ve a local ad at the same nethserver with the default group

domain admins

and a self created group


and some users at the different groups.
I can login to webtop with these users, but if I want to share a contact category or a calendar I have other users and groups.
I can see the groups

“admins”, “users” and “pec-accounts”

As users I see myself, the admin and wtadmin (webtop admin).

wtadmin of course is a self designed user at the ad.
At the admin user I can see all ad users, but not the groups. The groups are only the mentioned above (admins, users, pec-accounts)

Can somebody help me syncing webtop users and groups with my ad?

Thanks in advance

A user needs to login at least once to be created in Webtop and to be available in the list for sharing.
It seems AD group sync is not supported.

Thanks @mrmarkuz,

Could we change this behaviour? It’s not very comfortable if you only want to sync with a client.
Also sharing contacts or calendar with groups would be fine.

Hi Michael,
the groups created on the provider account (local or remote) are never synchronized and not even imported on the WebTop under any conditions.

Groups within WebTop are entities that exist only within the groupware and are typically used for purposes other than those of the account provider.
In addition to shares (not for mail accounts) they are also used to assign special permissions or roles within the groupware.



Thanks for your description, I only knew it from sogo, where you can use the ad groups for sharing rights.
What is about the users, is it right they all have to login once to share something with them?