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NethServer Version: 7x
Module: your_module

Hi, i installled NS yesterday for the first time. I want to make NS reachable by and typed this in, but may mails should be get from my mailserverprovider at . How?
The LDAP base dn is: dc=directory,dc=nh
Why isn’nt my domain here?

Regards Sebastian

Hi @simpsonetti

If I understand you have a NS must download the mail from a public server.
If so you must:

  • Create Users from “Users and Groups”
  • Add the public domain in the “Email” -> “Domain”
  • Create public email addresses in the “Email address” and associate them to users
  • Install the "PoP3 Connector"
    and configure it to download mail (the parameters that normally put on the mail client)
  • Configure the smarthost in the “Email” -> “Smarthost”

NS main domain must be different from the public domain. Otherwise in the pop3 connector you must use the IP and not the hostname


Ah okay. I thought i could add my extern mailserver and he will be fetch mails and deliverd the Mails intern.
So if i could do this with the smarthost and add with public mailaddress, i think this will be possible too.
Thanks enzoturri
Regards Sebastian

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Moin Sebastian,

may be you have a static ip from your ISP. Then you can receive and send mails directly without any detours over the pop connector.



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hi @simpsonetti
you have configured your mail server? you need support?
Keep us updated

@enzoturri sorry for this very long time without response from me.
So i want to try the pop3 connector, but i cant install this. i get a error meassage that says there is a conflict with nethserver-mail-common and ?nethserver-mail2-common? or something like that. I can’t read it because its to fast. So how could i deinstall nethserver-mail? in webinterface there isn’t a button so i think i have to use console. But how?
I think this might be a bug?

It’s called “Email” or “Email 2”:


On console:

List installed groups:

yum grouplist

Remove group “Email” or “Email 2 (Beta)”:

yum groupremove "Email"

This way you should be able to see the errors.

Hi, i can’t remove or install. It shows me errors. nethserver-mail-common should be installed so it will conflict with nethserver-mail2-common. But i don’t get it the remove.
Maybe there’s a bug. I install now updates to 7.5. I will try it after that.

The procedures to switch from mail to mail2 and back are documented here:

Thanks @mrmarkuz i know this site and i type these commands several times before with errors.
now it seems to be okay.

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