Domain trust relationship

Changing dns domain name of server
An issue with a winsows 7 client. I changed the dns name of my server and domain name of that client without removing from the previous domain. Now it says
"The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed"

No domain user can logon. :frowning:

I changed again the domain name to previous name. But problem remains the same.

I connect that client again to the domain and removed from the domain few times. No good result.
The msg coming everytime when i log in with a domain user. But i can login locally.

What can i do with this issue to log this client to the domain.

Please note other computers works fine with domain
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first of all… clarify which OS you’re using, since you posted the same message in SME’s forums.

posting in both places is a bad attitude

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Every time you change the name of the server, Samba will regenerate a new SID.
I think you must re-join the workstation.

thank you giacomo… OP is using a SME9… posting here and there…

anyway, can you clairfy? do you mean that each time I change the “web” domain (i.e. mydomain.tld) samba will regenerate a new SID for the server (windows’ trust domain)?

I don’t know what do you mean with “web domain”…by the way, as I recall the SID changes when the FQDN is updated. I’m I wrong @davidep?
(In the Windows world you can’t change the host name of the PDC).

we’re OT hese since we’re talking about SME

OP changed the main domain of his server via “reconfigure this server” console option from mydomain.tld to mynewdomain.tld
nothing to share with windows’ domain/workgroup name

AFAIK, nothing else has been changed

since then, a single W7 client has some problems… it has been unjoined and rejoined (i.e. joining works, the trust is active) but no user can login
all the other clients are working as expected

IIRC the SID never changes in NethServer, I’ll investigate:

It does not change if hostname changes


I apreciate it, and I hope so :wink:
thank you