Domain joining with openvpn

I am implemented a new nethserver. configured opvnvpn routed mode.
We have windows 7 clients at other offices who are previously connected to another linux server. this linux server no longer available.
I can send newly created openvpn certs to those clients, but can i join them to new nethserver domain using openvpn itself.?

AFAIK you can connect to the domain controller before logon only with PPTP vpn…

you need to start vpn connection on clients before logon

I’m quite sure you’ll find something with google (obviously, vpn must be starded without requesting a password)

The PPTP option is not listed under VPN section in Nethserver. any ideas

You need openvpn:

Connect the VPN and let us know

vpn server must be bridged and vpn client must start like a service(only cert, no psw) BEFORE you log into windows(ofcourse)

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@alefattorini - I will logon to Openvpn as bridge mode the way you have discribed above.

@AbsyntH - what is the meaning of BEFORE you log into windows, please explain me little bit more. thanks.

your remote client MUST be connected via openvpn BEFORE user log on the client itself

so, openvpn client MUST run as a windows service, it MUST start asap, it MUST connect to openvpn server using only certificate, not username/password

google will tell you more

Ok thanks. I think I can manage that. If any problems, I will contact you. see you later