Domain Billing services

Hi guys good morning.

Ok basically nethserver is on par with a webhosting package script

As is it has functionality practically the same as webhosting server, like website hosting, email accounts, ftp. letsencrypt

The only thing missing more or less is the ability to actually purchases domain names and the required resources to actually serve this on neth os.

If it had that ability then nethserver would ultimately be a webhosting software

is this something you have thought about

Is this something you are heading towards

Is this something that is currently being developed

Or is this something you consider developing or heading towards

If I understand you correctly there’s a conception problem. Nethserver can be the web host with all its features but can’t serve multiple clients like a service provider.

In other words: You may just buy a domain, set the nameserver record and host your domain with Nethserver but managing domains for the Nethserver users seems not easily possible to me.

yes basically nethserver has the potential to fork off into a webhosting provider platform like cpanel Plesk

It has the fundamentals backbone programs to do this already with what it already has built in

where you have one fork community based and the other business.

I know this would be a monumental task to achieve something like that im just thinking out aloud at the prospects of what I could use this platform for im just thinking of ideas and possibilities