Dolibarr on a Memberserver (MS Windows Server 2022 AD)

NethServer Version: 7.9

I could not login to Dolibarr 15.01 on a Memberserver (win2022 AD) until I did these comands:

config setprop dolibarr MysqlAuth enabled
signal-event nethserver-dolibarr-update

I am now able to login with:

user: admin
pass: admin

But cannot see any domain-user…
I think it is because I have the users in a special OU

How can I adopt dolibarr to reach this OU?

Now you are login with users from mysql database, not from AD.
If no new prop is added as a new feature then, most probably you will need a custom template to tweak /etc/e-smith/templates/usr/share/dolibarr/htdocs/conf/conf.php/10base

I did just a step forward with changing the TLS parameter:

nano /etc/e-smith/templates/usr/share/dolibarr/htdocs/install/userLdap.sql/10base

('LDAP_SERVER_USE_TLS', '**0**', 'chaine'),

signal-event nethserver-dolibarr-update

Now I can login with mysql-user:
user: admin
pass: admin

And AD-Users:

To login to dolibarr use just the username instead of the User Principal Name…

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