Dokuwiki: wrong owner for /etc/dokuwiki/local.php

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: dokuwiki

at least since the last update of “nethserver-dokuwiki” I noticed a wrong owner “root:root” for /etc/dokuwiki/local.php .
The consequence is that the parameters can’t be set via the web interface => giving “apache:apache” as owner of this file solve the issue… as long as the templates are not re-expanded.

=> how can the owner be modified per templates? Giving apache:apache as a owner of “/etc/e-smith/templates/etc/dokuwiki/local.php/10base”?

imho this should be taken into consideration for the next update of the module.
Please let me know.

Bye Arnaud

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could you explain what are you changing on the UI of dokuwiki please

I suppose it is this

  • the interface language (because I want to feel like at home…:sunglasses:
  • the “sepchar” because I have blanks into the name of pages

this are saved inside the template local.php ?

Please what change are you aiming to customise

I could change the template permission, but your change will be overwritten by the template expand @Arnaud

yes, for sure…:open_mouth:

I have got an “old” copy of the folder and I have seen that owner was apache:apache in the past.
Why did you change apache:apache to root:root?

And now what is the best to do??

it is a template now…to allow the admin to login with and user

OK, I was not aware about this.
I now know that in my case the ownership has to be changed too => the things can stay unchanged if it produces trouble.

I think I made trouble :cry:

I pushed an update to fix the permission of local.php

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I updated today.
IMHO the issue is solved: the parameters can be set via the web interface + the settings I made yesterday are not gone => :grinning:

Thanks Stephdl!

Really, there are lots of settings an admin might want to change–the template, the wiki title, paths to utilities (ImageMagick’s convert tool, for example), are just a few of the core Dokuwiki settings I’ve changed (and now had to reset). In addition, settings for any extensions have been lost somewhere in the last few updates. The config file should not be templated unless there’s a way to retain settings made through the web UI.

I know dan :frowning:
I made a mistake and I am so sorry for this…I hope that you have some backup file to restore your settings, dokuwiki saves a .bak before to update

Thank you for reporting it and come back here