Dokuwiki unable to create page


(Martin Droste) #1

Hi all,

because of loosing clear view of my ns-installation I decided to create a summary in dokuwiki(and again, ty Stéphane) I can edit the given pages, but if Itry to create a new page I get the following error. And me + error = “Ochs vorm Berg”:

the Writing /var/lib/dokuwiki/data/pages/playground/installation.txt failed

where do i have to handle what?

Thx all


(Marc) #2

Seems there is a permission problem, because the directory is owned by root.
Other namespaces are ok.

chown apache:apache /var/lib/dokuwiki/data/pages/playground/

(Martin Droste) #3

Ok that works - but i had a look before and [pages] was owned by apache…so I didn’t looked into it…

But -well thx

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #4

i will add this apache permission in the spec file

EDIT: done

(Martin Droste) #5

Thanks @stephdl,

again and again, for me NS works like a charm - also because there is your repo!


(Alessio Fattorini) #6

I suggest you show your love for Steph :slight_smile: