DokuWiki:LDAP integration

I’m on 7.9 with OpenLDAP and Dokuwiki.

I have full access as admin and can grant grant different access rights…but only to the predefinded groups @ALL and @users.
I created in LDAP different groups but they are not present in DokuWiki.

my config:

conf['title'] = 'DokuWiki';
$conf['lang'] = 'de';
$conf['template'] = 'sprintdoc';
$conf['fullpath'] = 1;
$conf['userewrite'] = '2';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['server'] = 'ldap://';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['usertree'] = 'ou=People,dc=directory,dc=nh';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['grouptree'] = 'ou=Groups,dc=directory,dc=nh';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['userfilter'] = '(|(memberUid=%{user})(gidNumber=%{gid}))';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['attributes'] = array();
$conf['plugin']['dropfiles']['insertFileLink'] = 1;

What I have to do, that I can work with my custom groups?

Best regards, Marko

ohhh, I see, I only have to copy the name of my custom group as string to to the DokuWiki Access Manager and define right to @my_costum_group.

Tank you for your patience.