Dokuwiki config virtualhost or webserver virtualhost?

NethServer Version: latest
Module: dokuwiki

Hi all,

I installed dokuwiki which works just fine both default as well as via a virtualhost set by a config parameter. However, I want to protect the access to dokuwiki the ‘old fashioned way’ by means of initial username/password’ just like as with one can set via the webserver application when creating a virtual host.

Any idea’s please?




My home Dokuwiki uses AD, but this also works using the local authentification…

Set up a simple group scheme including a “public” Wiki, which is empty besides “Privacy” and “Impressum” pages.
All other content go to “protected” wikis, not available without authentification…
At home, “wiki” is the name of the public Wiki.

Sorry, the above is only available in german…

This works quite well!

My 2 cents

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Thanks Andy,

that seems a lot of work for such a simple task. Maybe I look into using a simple .htaccess file?




It may look like a lot of work, but it isn’t really - it’s fairly quick to do…


Here is a very simple ACL for having a closed wiki except for (logged in) users.

See dokuwiki ACLs for more details.

@Andy_Wismer I think you could optimize your ACL (leave some entries) by setting * for @ALL with no rights and * for @dokuwiki-admins with delete rights. This way you don’t need @ALL for “default” namespaces and therefore you don’t need to define i.e. @dokuwiki-admins for these namespaces.
BTW, you may change the language easily in the admin configuration.

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