Does NS use to fight spam?

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I just want to know if NS uses to check incoming email against their list.

this is important because if so and google dns servers are used, you may get in trouble:

URIBL provides public lookups over DNS for low volume usage. If you spam check a large amount of email, or you use a shared DNS platform for resolution, you may receive a response saying the query was refused. That said, Public DNS providers such as OpenDNS or Google Public DNS are effected due to the high volume of queries they generate, as are many other internet service providers (ISP) that use caching nameservers for their customer base.

hmm i’m have not found DNSBL , maybe Amavis internal check have it … maybe developers can help to find out?

By default no RBLs are used.
Some docs are here:

I think it’s an area which could be expanded, but I do not use RBLs.
We had a positive report from a user in a thread here, some weeks ago.

thank you @filippo_carletti

as I said, using as a spam fight tool could be a good thing, but if you use google’s dns you can get in troubles because your request will be refused and your server COULD block legitimate mails…

There are lot of dnsbl services, I think that it should have couple of them to block some spammers :slight_smile:

using DNSBL and RHSBL is a normal routine in spam fighting. is one of the most used service… since NS uses google’s dns as default dns server “by design”, we shoud know if service is used… a skilled user could determine it in few seconds and solve the issue, a “normal” user could loose a big bunch of emails…

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so let it be a feature in Mail page to choose or to paste your own approved dnsbl service! How about it @giacomo @filippo_carletti ?

I know that @filippo_carletti is making some tests with URIBL, hope he can share with us his achievements

Please, give me some more days to finish my work (I’m just back from vacation).

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