Documentation suggestion for page disk_usage.html

I have used
and I thank it’s author a lot, it works great .

I have looked in the github etc to send a suggestion but I didn’t find how, hence my post here:
It feels to me a little dangerous without a couple of warnings:

for example: rsync between /Afolder and /Bfolder will :

delete what was in /Bfolder .

Trying to serve a mirror with 800Gigs I almost get all of it deleted, the trick to avoid that is the parameter to add to Rsync;


rsync –max-delete=-1 -avrX --delete-after /home-backup/ /home/

In general this is not needed, many get a New “HDD” which is empty …
but when it is not the case …
without forgetting that rsync is not very very famous and used like tar or cp etc , so some one can forget that detail …

Also, if your new disk is not empty … the usage of the script as is will throw errors .

Again if the disk is empty … it is a “perfecto” :slight_smile: