Docs integration/procedure integration? FreePBX

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: FreePBX


  • Installing FreePBX module
  • Defining user and password for administration account
  • do some waving around

I were curious to update the installation with latest available modules.
Running through webGui i were able to update everything… except core module.

Updating core module (currently to web interface struck into an error.
Searching and digging around i found…
This useful note from the docs
This post from dnutan for correctly start fwconsole on shell

and this nice fwconsole instruction to update the core module

which did not run… that well.

So… after more digging i found the “trick solution” for the update…

scl enable rh-php56 -- fwconsole ma updateall

Question 1: can this command ran automatically after the installation of the package and before the webinterface configuration?
Question 2: if not possible, adding some interesting notes on documentation for faster access to the instruction, adding that as “nice practice” for allow updated packages to FreePBX?


No one answered from Dev and/or support team…