Docker Aqua Interface Down, unable to login to portainer

Module: Nethserver Docker Portainer
I am unable to login into a Portainer instance installed on my Nethserver, this is despite knowing very well that the provided password is the correct passwots password.

I egt the error message Unauthorised.

I later on Learnt that interface aqua0(): Link down is an error shown by Zabbix instance for the same instance.

I dont know how to enable or start aqua in this case, and i am also not sure how related the two issues are.

Could someone help me. first to start aqua, so that i may know if its related to the same.

I also came accross this github issue related to login

I am not sure if its the same problem.

Some idea?

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To bring the aqua0 network up on command line: (if it doesn’t work it hopefully shows an error)

ip link set aqua0 up

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thank you.
i think this command should go to nethserver docker docs.

though i am still unable to login to my portainer.

To fully reset portainer:

Remove container:

docker rm portainer -f

Remove data:

rm -rf /var/lib/nethserver/portainer/*

Reinstall portainer:

signal-event nethserver-docker-update

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what about the docker containers that are on the server and that are currently running?
will their data be lost too?

No, only portainer container is removed.

will i need to add the other projects back into aqua network for them to function?
or i just remove then reinstall back and all should work as was.

Yes, just portainer is reinstalled, networks or other containers should remain untouched…