Do I need to migrate from Webtop 5 to Nextcloud if I want email in Nextcloud?

I have been using Webtop 5. I have enjoyed it and think it is a good package for company email, chat, phone, file and other availability. I am still using it at this time. I have looked at Nextcloud and even installed it. I thought I might be able to use Webtop 5 while also testing out Nextcloud. It has been fine, except the email side is not install or working on Nextcloud. I am unsure if this is because it can not work with Webtop 5 or if I need to migrate from Webtop 5 to Nextcloud mail? I am interested in doing Nextcloud email and calendars.

Any thoughts on how to run them (Webtop5 mail /Nextcloud mail) side by side or together and still be able to see Nextcloud mail in action? or what would I do to migrate to Nextcloud mail 100%?

Any other ideas are appreciated.


No they should run with each other fine as their email clients not servers that said nextcloud mail doesn’t work out of the box as in auto provisioning doesn’t work and requires manual setup on each account


that’s typical. The NextCloud Mail App is really creepy.
If you have good experience with Webtop: use it. I switched from Webtop to Roundcube because I need webmail only as a fallback solution and server-side mail filter.

Hi @ Shadowfire,

You can also use SOGo as an alternative.



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or rain loop in nextcloud

Used SOGO in the past. Had a couple hickups. But for the most part it worked good. I did decided to move to Webtop 5 after one hickup got alittle more frustrating then I wanted.

Thanks for the idea. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I will check in to this further.

Rain loop? in Nextcloud. I will look at it…

Thanks :smiley:

it’s basicaly a wrapper of round cube but slightly customised

To make it realy fishy: external sites module in nextcloud and add SOGo as external site… :joy:
I agree that the nextcloud mail app is not that ideal. Initial configuration is a joke and it is sooooo slowww…
I main;y use thunderbird on my laptop and k9 on android phone as mail clients.


I use Thunderbird, but recently I was thinking of killing the FAT CLIENT of Thunder :slight_smile: I still use Thunderbird for my personal email addresses. I will probably use get my business one back in Thunderbird, but was going to try the webclient for a while to see if I could do it 24/7.

I haven’t tried K9… another one I will have to look in too…