DNS Replication or Zone Transfers

I was hoping that we might get DNS Replication/Auto-Zone Transfers as a configurable option in the DNS package for NethServer. This has many subtle advantages.

Nice idea, could you provide more details about such feature? What scenario does it address? What advantages?

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Thinking about it, it is more for power users, but I see two obvious advantages, assuming DNS is implemented using Bind,

You would be able to do migrations easier from competing platforms (Zentyal, ClearOS etc.). You would just need to point to the old systems and copy the zone.

You would be able to configure multisite DNS where you have two or more sites linked with VPN and need a local DNS server located at each site.

This obviously is not a high priority, but if DNS is implemented with Bind then this might be an easy add. My limited understanding is that there are entries you make in the configuration for this functionality.

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Wanted to ask if there has been a decision on this request.