DNS not working as expected

Hello again,
I have a another question about nethserver.
I have activated DHCP and DNS Server on my nethserver but something is not working as expected.

If a client gets an ip-address and is registered at dhcp, no DNS record is created.
Clients will be registered with names like host-cdfc564d instead of there real hostnames.

What do I have todo to get this working?

Thank you!

This should be done automatically. I don’t want to add all my devices.

I cannot be done because you can not predict MAC from your Lan.

The dhcp server knows the MAC address and should register name and IP.

Name of the host that you specify should be given.

Sorry it didn’t work for me.

My main problem is my linux fat client is not resolved properly. Android and iphone are resolved fine but linux client won’t. Also a ping on ping host-be72b1a3 results in ping: unknown host host-be72b1a3

I did an tcpdump as you can see NXDomain is replied.
23:21:55.977521 IP > 1211+ PTR? (44)
23:21:55.978782 IP > 1211 NXDomain* 0/1/0 (106)

I think the problem is here(/var/lib/dnsmasq/dnsmasq.leases):
1452638401 cc:c3:ea:23:01:b7 android-fb5ae23fe5057561 01:cc:c3:ea:23:01:b7
1452637017 00:15:c5:c4:37:76 * *
1452635554 b0:9f:ba:c0:5a:bd Iphone5c 01:b0:9f:ba:c0:5a:bd
1452636230 e4:f8:ef:75:4e:bf android-3109543bb3be96d0 01:e4:f8:ef:75:4e:bf
1452637010 00:19:d2:02:94:f7 * *

But why are there 2 stars instead of the hostname?

Maybe your linux pc isn’t sending hostname. See for example Fedora:

@Linux4All have you tried patch? And restart dnsmasq?

@filippo_carletti: I think exactly that is my problem. I did some tests in the meantime and a dhclient -H testname eth0 works fine

So I will try to find out the setting for my opensuse. I think it is in /etc/sysconfig/dhcp

Got it. opensuse is using network manager.
Therefor you have to go to /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/
Edit your configfile

Add the following lines at section [ipv4]


@Nas many thanks for your help. I will test this for my android devices.

my patch it is for that if you want to specify hard name - ip address, even if pc does not response his name.

What is the difference instead of using an IP-reservation with difficult name?

before patch we specify only IP - MAC based DHCP, patch gave you opportunity to specify appropriate name which would be resolved by all your NS clients

you can try with host which had ** instead of name

That works also if you use the reservation option. I tested it without your patch.
My client can now resolve all names which I have used for reservation, even for these clients which send no hostname.

But many thanks for your time and suggestions.