DNS Filter Solutions

Hi All.

Has anyone looked at or successfully integrated DNS filtering into NethServer?

I’ve been using NxFilter: https://nxfilter.org/p3/ in a school environment, yet it is running on a separate server. It’s working well and, for me at least, a better solution than the previous transparent proxy setups.

Are there perhaps any other linux based products that I’m not aware of? Or some tricks to implement filtering (in a simple way) in BIND etc?



In NethServer filters are done through squidguard. More info on these in the devel docs: http://docs.nethserver.org/projects/nethserver-devel/en/latest/nethserver-squidguard.html#blacklists
maybe they can be adapted for nxfilter.org?

Alternatively, according to theiur docs you can nxfilter on a linux syste, nxfilter is a java application, so you could give it a try on centos. There are already several java applications for nethserver: Webtop5 and SavaPage.

Maybe you want to give it a try to install nxfilter on nethserver? If you run into issues, you can always ask for help.

I found an install-howto for nxfilter on centos7. This might come in handy for installing on NethServer.
Be aware that latest rpm’s are not on bitbucket anymore. You can find them at the repo of DeepWoods: http://deepwoods.net/repo/deepwoods/nxfilter/4/noarch/


That’s VERY helpful. Thanks Rob.

Nxfilter looks like a very nice project. Especially for school environments. Another option could be using shallalist, but I believe those can be implemented in squidguard.

Maybe we should start an effort to get nxfilter available on NethServer by starting with a feature request.

Yes, you’re right, it’s allready implemented in the webfilter module.