DNS A-records : 3 IP addresses needed with same hostname

NethServer Version: NS7.9.2009
Module: DNS

I currently have the following situation.
I use netserver as a DHCP and DNS server for an internal network.
In this network, a redundant server setup (Servers not related to nethserver) requires these 3 servers to have the same hostname, but individual IP addresses.
(The 3 servers take care of arbitrage themselves of which server handles which traffic)

so desired outcome:
nslookup server.training.bu


  1. I tried via DNS hosts, but the GUI throws an error if the hostname (FQDN) already exists.

not succesful

  1. I also tried by adding the a-record to the dnsmasq, following the same route as with the SRV-record for which I asked a question some time before.
    (get dnsmasq to add files from dnsmasq.d directory to the config. Add conf file in that dir with entries address=/fqdn/ip)

This works but only for one of the IP addresses. nslookup does not find the other two IP addresses. Partly succesfull

  1. Somewhere I read that you could enter multiple IP addresses in the IP address field, seperated by comma, when adding a host entry in the DNS. This throws an error on the IP address.

not succesfull

4. Somewhere on this forum, I also read you can add entries directly into the hosts file.

Will this still work for my version NS7.9.2009?
Or would adding three IP entries with the same hostname break things?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, usually for my porpoise I use the Rsat DNS Manager, but wait my nethserver is dc in windows environment, where u can add different ip for one host or better create aliases.


There is a DNS server in NethServer AND a different DNS server built into NethServer’s AD. These are two different objects and services, servicing different needs.

Just an info, you seem to be mixing both up!


NethServer’s DNS implementation is rather limited, almost impossible is getting correct PTR, as Aliases (CNAME) are only possible for NethServer itself.

Get a proper DNS to do the job, eg OPNsense or OpenWRT and use Unbound or DnsMasq.

My 2 cents

Hi Andy, not sure about it.
I can manage CNAME and PTR without any problem, the limitation I have that in not possibile to create a conditional forward for dns request to another dns server.