DNAT and SNAT for VPN connections on GUI

If i am not wrong, there’s no GUI way (cockpit or NethGUI) for add DNAT or SNAT to VPN connection.

As @filippo_carletti stated few months ago…

is the answer for configure it, but as far as i can see, netmap feature for Shorewall currently cannot be configured on any kind of VPN (IPSec, OpenVPN RoadWarrior, OpenVPN Tunnels).

Or maybe i did not searched enough on Docs…

Thanks for the 50 visitors of this feature request.
But i would like to know:

  • if i am missing something on documentation
  • if someone else is considering interesting this feature
  • or if there’s someone who thinks say “hey guy, this kind of stuff is useless”

No, it’s not supported AFAIK.

Yes, I think it could be done with some custom templates for vpn and shorewall. I’ll have a look at it when I find time.
I’d concentrate on openvpn first, see http://shorewall.net/OPENVPN.html#Dupnet

I used to have different VPN networks but if that’s not possible this feature could be useful IMO.

It’s not always possible to solve issues like i did into this “case”…