Dl580 g5 install fails (P400 controller)


so i took the advice of mrmarkuz and have attempted to install nethserver directly onto my dl580 g5 and the install fails! :wink:
i was wondering if anyone has a fool proof method to force this install… from what i can see its a centos7 dropping the drivers for the P400 raid controller. Ive tried a few hacks but have so far failed - any informed suggestions appreciated!

Hi @alpreseidente,

oh no, my advice killed your system! I hope we’ll get it back to life. I found this, looks simple and as if it may work. Don’t have such a controller, I can’t test it.


You may try it with the Nethserver iso and if that fails just take centos 7 iso and install NS afterwards as described here:


thanks markuz ill take a look - dont worry this ws just my DR G5 so im still up and running!

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I had almost the same problem with ML110 with P400 controller but i have found some tips for that which i have also described on my www page

My solution for that on CentOS7 was like this - i hope it could help with NS7

Download drivers from here http://elrepo.org/people/akemi/testing/el7/isos/ (you have to burn them for example on your usb stick)
Add above driver for CentOS 7 during boot process
Install CentOS 7
This is the theory, in practice it look like this

Download drivers from link provided above
Burn it into USB stick via dd command
Insert CD/DVD with CentOS 7.x and USB stick into USB port
Boot from CD/DVD
During boot proces hit ESCAPE key

Enter command linux dd

Now you will see screen like this

I have choose [1]

Now we have question about choose driver – choose [1]

Now i have loaded the driver

Choose [c]

Now i have loaded the driver and we can proceed with boot

Choose [c]

Now CentOS 7.x is booting


Just reinstalled my old HP ML110 server + P400 controller.

If you or anybody try to install nethserver from iso using this procedure → this will install clean CentOS 7.
Using the NethServer docs


you will be able to install NethServer 7

thanks Des apologies for late reply - i will give this a go next time im on site and feeling brave!