DKIM Record - Records not matching / IP reverse Exit code note zero

I have setup Nethserver on a number of installs, but on this recent one I am receiving the following. The status shows DKIM record is not matching and the IP reverse exit code not zero.

Domain is through Godaddy. I have paste the record data for DKIM in DNS as a TXT.

It looks like it is correct, so I am unaware of why there is an error.

I have attached a snapshot of the error message.

This looks closer to being an issue with the GoDaddy DNS settings and not your server.

Okay. Wow! So I rebooted the server and I got the following -

I still have the IP Reverse (Exit Code not Zero).

I am guessing it feels I don’t have my reverse IP setup at Godaddy or on the Nethserver.

Can someone point me to an example of why this would be happening.


The reverse DNS would need to be set up with your ISP–the folks who own the IP address your Neth server is using. Mine is running on a VPS, so my VPS host has the entry. But “exit code not zero” is a pretty poor error message.