Display issue in GUI Dashboard

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: Dashboard

I’m noticing a small problem with the display of network interfaces on the dashboard of my server. It has three NICs, only one of which is active. When I browse to the dashboard, it defaults to the alphabetically-first one, which isn’t the active one:

That really isn’t a problem; I can just click the tab for the interface I want. But when I do that, I get:

It looks like this pane should resize to accommodate the information it contains, but it doesn’t do that. Is there a fix, or is this a bug?


I can confirm this behaviour with Firefox and Chrome.

  • Go to an interface tab with less info
  • Resize browser window to force realignment of the boxes
  • Change to an interface with much info and you won’t see it

I guess is something wrong with CSS.
We can inject some CSS rules directly into the Dashboard but I don’t know which rules are needed.

If someone give me the right directives I will apply them to the code!