Disk use, where i can see the code?

Hi to all

I’m starting to use nethserver from some days, it seems really good .

I see the session that show the disk utilizzation (utilizzo disco in italian) and it is very interesting for me, can someone tell me where i can see the code of this “session” because the graphic is very cool according to me and i would understand how it is made.

Thanks in advance to everyone will answer to me

Hi, it can be found at:

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Ehi Simone,
welcome here! @edoardo_spadoni will be very pleased to hear this :slight_smile:
Suggestions are always welcomed

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Hi Simone, the links posted by @dnutan are correct.

nethserver-duc contains the implementation and the visualization of the chart in the dashboard. The graphic part is made with an amazing library called D3,js :sunglasses:

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