Disk usage show way more data than I have


(Jeroen Visser) #1

NethServer Version: v7
Module: Webmanagement - Disk usage monitor

Hey all,

I have a virtual server with a 250GB harddisk:

Yet when I open Disk Usage:

My guess is that this is due to symlinks ? Is there a way to get this to reflect reality a bit better ? Or do I just not understand how to read it properly ?

(Michael Kicks) #2

Did you add mountpoints of any kind? (iSCSI, samba/NFS network shares, whatever…)

(Jeroen Visser) #3

My FTP users are system users. These system users all have a symlink to a shared ‘public’ FTP in their (FTP) home folder.

My guess is that symlinks are traversed and counted while creating this list, and that would never be right imho.

And to answer the question, no extra mount points of any kind.



This point already discussed in the past: