Disk Management feature request

Like webmin,
Like Freenas,
Like Nas4free,
Like OpenMediaVault…

Take a look at theses systems :smiley:


I know there are many web UI out there that can help people to manage their storage…

read all my posts in this topic… (even) in this forum there are guys that don’t know how their lan works, what is a dhcp and so on… do you really think it’s a smart idea to give them direct access to disk/data? really?
NIMB :wink:

in any case, vox populi, vox dei (Cit.)

If Jim continues to want (unabated) Disk Management, could I wish (unabated) to have improvements to Email Server (Mailgraph, AWstats, …), Proxy (Web, POP3, SMTP, …), Filter (Email, Web, GeoIP, …), Backup, GUI, Reverse Proxy, … and to other modules/packages?

Why not?
But, IMHO, everything what is related to NS not to the “Host” (CentOS).


Take a look here:

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Look at this too:

This Amahi “Disk Wizard” is wery sexy :smiley:


I want you to click on “like” on this feature request :laughing: :laughing:


I would like to pump up this idea for our newcomers :smile:

To resume, with this Disk Managmemt feature, it will be easier to manage the always growing storages need.

With a couple of other existing services ( avahi / afp / owncloud ), Nethserver could easely become a NAS ( manage storage, organize data, share data)

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That’s a good idea but it looks hard to develop and currently it’s not planned, how can we address big feature like this?

Cockpit comes with a storage module…


But if I’m well understand, Cockpict is a tool for checking or controlling… Not a configuring tool.

Sometime, I have the not so crazy idea to make NetServer and Rockstor converging…

Please, don’t cross posting about cockpit there is already a post :wink: could you please follow up there?

Hi guys,

I want to begin by apologizing for the next question which would inflame many of you but I sow that even Jim asked ( Improve our communication ): WHAT NETHSERVER SHOULD BE?

In that post I think Jim is in opposition to that which he required here (The all-in-one concept suggest a sort of melpot, that Netserver doing all at the same time. Something monilitic, a big brick.).

IMHO, NethServer has enough issues that must be solved before being a big brick which will cannot be put in solid wall.

Of course you will ask me which are those “enough issues that must be solved”.
Please read carefully this forum! I’m sure that you will get the proper answer!

I will publish some of my thoughts that I told someone which I respect very much in this community. Maybe reading them, you will understand better that which I mean.

Again, please don’t blame me!
I like NethServer very much and I want a good user friendly product!

*I'm not a programmer (often I wish to be). I'm not an Windows or Linux expert.* 
*I think I'm the man in the middle: between a programmer and an expert. An user with a lot of technical knowledge, able to administer an information system.*

*Sysadmins, usually and unfortunately, don't do only specific operations, they do everything: hw interventions, sw interventions, teach users, change toner cartridges, set up printers, and so on.* 
*Because of that, as sysadmin, I need (want) a software (apps, servers like NethServer, Zentyal, Endian, ClearOS, IpCop, ...) to help me with informations as fast is possible.* 

*... Not users who want that NethServer to be "Any in One Server" but those who need tools. Better and user friendly tools to make their work easier everyday.*

*I know there are many operations that require CLI. But also there are many that can be done from UI.*
*Please look at other similar or quite similar servers. All usual operations are made from UI.*

*I prefer to help the NS Community from this point of view: of the man in the middle, the sysadmin between a programmer and an expert.* 
*At least I will try. Even if I'll draw harsh criticism!*

Kind regards,

It’s for you @davidep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In opposition !:! No,Perhaps you misunderstood something, or didn’t explain so well…
In the other topic, I suggest to change a bit our communication, to stop talking about “all in one”, and talk about modularity.

About the modularity, Nethserver is a file server, can share files, can distribute content with owncloud and other stuff… But we can’t talk about NAS yet,
I suggest this disk managment feature, to make this storage side and managment disk easy, with this module, we would communicate about NAS feature.

I disagree, it’s an interesting question. Maybe It deserves separate discussion called “What NethServer should be…” What do you think?

“Modularity” is much more complex concept than “monolithic”.

Hi Alessio,

I don’t know. It may become redundant. There are many posts regarding that.
But yes, could be interesting.

I don’t If it’s me who is tired… But:

  • THis thread is about the disk management feature…

– It’s @davidep who speak about Cockpit

Right, we have to stay in topic :wink:

Finally it is the responsibility of the admin and we shouldn’t restrict it. If someone will do something stupid without inform him self about the consequences he will do it on the CLI as well.
The WARNING with red background is a good solution. If he continue without a second thought than it his fault and not of the software documentation.

I agree with @Jim and the Nethserver slogan. The GUI should have all necessary tools to do the daily work. As mentioned @vhinzsanchez admin with WINDOWS background don’t like to step in to learn the CLI command if they think about to change to a LINUX based server.