Disk full on raid 1

Hi, we got a problem with diskfull in a raid1 installation.
We can’t access to GUI, but we delete 100 Gb from samba folders via WINSCP, anyway disk is still full, try to reboot but nothings append.

Any idea ?

login as root via ssh and start diagnose the issue

I tried also to delete some files via ssh, but disk start to decrease used space only after 2 hours.

first of all, check why and where your space is ended…

check if some deleted files are still in use (and so space is not freed) with

lsof | grep deleted

finally, be sure you are not using Trash bin

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I would say SSH into the box and list the current open files with their sizes and refresh the list on a periodic basis.

This will give you list of the files (and folders) which are increasing in size beyond a reasonable rate.

This will give you a good starting point to see if a user is at fault or if its a log file getting out of hand due to too much logging for whatever reason or something more sinister or under-handed


Once you have accessed the GUI you can use Disk Usage to get where the big (or many) files are coming from

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I have had the same situation. Deleting emails space was made available late. In my case the cancellation began after closing thunderbird

You can try to give the command shell

cd /
du- sm *

The command displays the size (MB) of each folder. The command can be executed within a folder.

If you run it before and after the cancellation you should see the drive capacity decrease.