Discourse: Reply by mail



I have difficulties to reply by mail.

Discourse break ( not always ) the text formatting.
What is the best format? HTML or Text only.

I already know the 10 characters minimum restriction, but is there others rules?
What is the policy ?

I have made a test sending two replies, but only one ( the first ) apprear, the other one always goes in limbo…

Edit: I had already read this

And this


Apparently, when I answer to someone in one topic, the message appear.
When I answer to another message in the same topic… The message no appear !!!

(Alessio Fattorini) #3

They have admitted problems on the email reply parsing, it should be already fixed in the next release:


You I’m making some tests theses days
Wifh Thunderbird with text only, it’s seem ok
With Tb in HTML, Discourse eat the Carriage Return

Let’s see withApple Mail :smile:


Edit: with Mail… It’s perfectly formatted :smiley:

(Alessio Fattorini) #5

I suggest you to waiting for the next Discourse release :smile:
Don’t waste your time with a bit buggy feature