Disaster Recovery NS Samba is not working correctly

NS v7-b2


First I created NS Samba user ‘jbales’ and made a File Sharing ‘docs’, and tested the jbales worked with Windows 7 and he and the administrator can read/change/delete the docs folder and the read netlogon and sysvol folder. Using NS backup software I backuped the configuration and data file onto a USB drive.

Then I reformatted the hard drive and re-installed NS v7-b2 and installed the necessary components - NS Samba, Backup and File Server - and made the host name is the same and DC IP is the same.

When I restored the configuration portion NS everything was back in place including the new Samba user and File Sharing. Then I did data restore.

Before rebooting when I tested Windows 7 administrator login he could see his administrator@bales.lan folder, the docs folder and sysvol folder, but not the netlogon folder. The same happened to the user jbales.

I then rebooted the NS server and after that the only shares that the user can read in the sysvol folder. All of the other used was ‘Access is denied’. I shutdown the server and brought it back up, I de-joined the domain and joined the domain again. The same results. Note: the administrator@bales.lan folder is not showing after the reboot.

I repeated several times with virtual (v7 b1 and v7 b2) and they had the same problem.

Here is link to /var/log/messages file for the second, recovery NS machine. The log portion for the configuration and data store only is too big.



I see on the attached log file the error

Sep  4 12:24:51 server admin-todos: Failed to get machine PTY: No such file or directory

Give me some days to dig it properly :blush:

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Any status on this bug? I installed NS RC1 and it had the same problem with Disaster Recovery.

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I have recently joined the NS community because I am heavily interested in using Samba 4 with AD. I have now stumbled across Jeff’s post https://thingsdomakesense.wordpress.com/2017/02/10/disaster-restore-of-samba-active-directory-with-nethserver-7-final/ in the internet, and finally I also found this bug report.

I would advocate to look into this bug with high(er) priority, because disaster recovery MUST work in any productive environment.

Keep in mind that Samba 4 and AD support on NS is widely promoted. With this bug, any “reasonable” admin should not go ahead using Samba 4 AD.

Sorry for being devil’s advocate…

Regards, turandot

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I can’t agree more! A bug on the restore procedure was fixed recently

An issue regarding the restore procedure has been risen again. Please join this discussion: