Disabling or disconnecting the red interface create some issues

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: network

I have Netserver running as a VM in Proxmox, acting as an Active Directory, with two network interfaces in NS, the red and green.

A few months ago we got a Fortigate (I don’t understand the whole device yet) so I want to achieve one of two things (or both):

  • Take out the red interface and just use the green for the local lan and the FG as the gateway
  • Later put the red interface in a DMZ on the FG.

But in the NS gui, I can’t disconnect the red interface, I don’t see how. So I ended having to gateways in the red(router from the bridge in proxmox) and green(FG) interfaces.

Worse, if I disconnect the vmbr interface in proxmox for the red interface, NS becomes unresponsive, no gui no pings.

So, I wonder if I can achieve the first point from above, and later the second one, without reinstalling the whole NS server (worse case scenario).

And the next question is:
Is possible to backup and restore the DC container / Active Directory, to another/fresh Nethserver installation, so I don’t need to re-create & re-join each PC in our AD?

I confess that I haven’t readed the whole NS manual (shame), maybe there is all my answers.

I see that the openvpn uses the red interface, I don’t need the vpn service in this proxmox so I can uninstall it without problems (but I don’t know how to)

Any hint to learn how to manage this need?
At second tough, maybe I need first to learn how to put this NS into the DMZ of the fortigate, maybe is all what I need.
But what worries me is than when I disconnect the red interface, then NS and GUI stops working.

Thanks in advance.

This can be done with “Release role”:

New Server Manager:


Old Server Manager:



Yes, with the backup/restore/disaster recovery routine.


You may remove it with Legacy Software Center or at the new application page.


Thank YOU! @mrmarkuz, you are a life saver.

Right now I’m busy with a critical task at work, but I’ll dive in all the information that you give the next week.

BTW, I reading the Plans and pricing; this year I need to buy one and all because of you guys and this wonderful project (The Lasagna looks tasty, but the Fiorentina even more).


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Regards! Finally I need to perform this task.
Just to be assured:
It’s safe to release the red interface, without the risk of loosing the connectivity with our NS server?

NOTE: Just to test I take out the gateway on the red interface and the old GUI stops responding, lucky me the new GUI stills works, then I re-write the gateway on the red interface.

Here is some info that some friend help me to get
What worries me is the “default” word for the red interface eth1
BTW, I write a gateway in the green interface and the image doesn’t show. I know that is not correct to have 2 gateways, forgive my mess.

Reading I found an example of how to add a route, what we need for some task, but I wonder if this is a correct approach or not to get our new default gateway that is the fortigate switch.

Thanks for the help

Hello @MrE

Most if not all of these changes you are desiring can be done via the web interface. From Cockpit to set static routes

To change the default gateway on an interface:

Thank you royceb,
Yes, a few moments ago I was reading the docs, and found it, this is the culprit of all my issues:

  • can’t access some services from a “new kind of wireless network connected to our lan”

Right now I can access all the resources that NethServer authenticate for the users

Note1: The only issue is that some users are calling because some resources aren’t responding… shared folders, this after adding two routes. Maybe just a hiccup.

Now I wonder if releasing the red interface will magically write a new route for our gateway

I added the gateway in the green interface but is not showing:

Yes, if there’s no red interface green default gateway is used.

The gateway for green network is shown when you release the red one.


I can’t express my gratitude enough. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you!

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