Disabling NS8 Nginx Virtualhost Lets Encrypt certificates is not possible

Go to the settings general page of the cluster-admin, then tls cert and remove the LE certs


There are no certificates shown:

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Hi @stephdl , I moved our posts from Installing Wordpress on virtualhost to a new topic…
I have 2 virtualhosts using let’s encrypt certificates but I can’t find them in Settings/TLS certificates. There’s no “Node 1 (webserver1)” option in the dropdown, even after disabling the LE certs in the virtualhost settings.

Virtualhost with LE cert enabled:


I will look on it. Thank for the hint

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There’s an open bug about missing certificates. See Trello card.

If the bug is reproducible we are half way to fix it.

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I created a card tied to the davidep’s card to keep tracking of your issue markus

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this is a valid bug thanks @mrmarkuz

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