Disable TCP Segmentation Offload

Hi i need to disable TSO on interface cause the common problem for driver e1000e

I put this command on terminal:

ethtool -K eno1 tx off sg off tso off

And if i put this i see the tso is disabled ethtool -k eno1 | grep -A1 tcp-segmentation-offload

when i do a signal-event interface-update and reboot the machine the modify disapper.

How can i make persistent this modify?


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Hi @dnutan

I need to disable on the physical interface eno1 or to the br0 or both?

This is the list of my interface:

For TSO I would say both but I’m not 100% sure.

Only eno1, it’s a hardware feature of the card.

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Any configuration fragment is available to create an update event with these settings, @filippo_carletti

Ok thanks you guys