Disable DHCP check if DHCP is disabled

NethServer Version: 7.t
Module: DHCP

Hi there,

currently I transfer my DHCP data manually from on SMB-Server to Nethserver. The other SMB is up and running, while Nethserver DHCP is disable. I do use this procedure to clean up my DHCP assignments as well :slight_smile:
Anyway, a Nethserver features inhebits me:

Nethserver does not allow to assign an IP, if the IP is allready in use. I suppose Nethserver does a ping on the device. Is there any way to reversly disable this feature for a while? The features prevents me from assigning the same IP for the same device (same MAC) if the device is already up. In my case this is a little annoying:

  • Nethserver DHCP ist not running
  • IP assignment shall the same for some MAC adresses
  • Switch over from one SMB-DHCP to Nethserver ist difficult

Thank you for

On command line it works:

To set a reservation for testhost with IP and MAC 01:02:03:04:05:06 just execute

db hosts set testhost local IpAddress MacAddress 01:02:03:04:05:06



works! Thank you

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