Disable available accountprovider when an accountprovider already installed

NethServer Version: NS7rc1
Module: account provider

When I install rc1, after initial configuration I can choose to install either OpenLDAP or Samba4 DC as account providers.
At least, I think this should be OR. It turns out I can choose both. And even after one of them, after installing, I can choose the other.
This will end up in a broken system.
I would like to suggest to make it impossible to choose both, and after one of the 2 has been installed, the other is not available anymore. (either greyed out or removed)

This is with the current situation. There is still debate about having both the account providers available (on the same machine)


AFAIK the RPMs make conflict, it should be impossible to install both!

To count on an install error is IMO not the way to go. It is just sloppy and should not be possible in the first place. If you intend to have a server for non-experts, don’t give options to impossible install scenarios.


So, we shall remove Samba Active Directory from the list! :smiling_imp:

Jokes apart, it’s a big issue!

Another step at the end of the first configuration wizard?

What happens if I don’t pick any account provider in the wizard?

I’d rather follow @robb’s idea

We can implement a “module blacklist” file, like we’ve done for /etc/nethserver/pkginfo.conf:

This is difficult :frowning:

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If you do it with all options covered you have to consider 2 scenario’s:

  • after fresh install of NS: short explanation that you can choose only 1 of the 2 account providers.
  • when 1 account provider is installed, the other is not selectable anymore.

Both scenario’s should be addressed.

/edit: considering scenario 1: would it be hard to implement as soon you select an account provider, the other greys out? And by deselecting the selected accountprovider, both would be selectable again? I am not a website guru, but with some ajax and/or js magic (or whatever interactive script you desire) I think this should be possible.


Well, we did it! :wink: