Diaspora pod on NethServer

Since I don’t use Facebook because of the evil tracking ‘features’ I did look for alternatives to be able to join a friendly social media platform. I think I’ve found such a platform with diaspora
Diaspora is a decentralised platform with basic functions that also exist on FB. Since it is decentralized, you can create an account on any given diaspora server, called a ‘pod’,
You can also start your own pod and that’s where my feature request kicks in: install diaspora pod on Nethserver.
There is a howto on installing a pod on Centos7: https://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/Installation/CentOS/7
Anyone willing to try this?


Diaspora is basically working in first tests, I could connect with the Diaspora Android app from my mobile, a howto will follow asap.
As an alternative: I tested elgg some time ago, it’s just PHP/mysql.

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elgg looks so cool. Especially for schools this might be interesting. The biggest problem with the use of phones and social media in schools is the external distraction and the possible unsafety for children that comes with external contacts.
By having a local social media network, a lot of those problems can be eliminated. In combination with mattermost this could be a great asset for the NethServer as base educational environments.

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Hi @mrmarkuz, would you still have some notes in installing Elgg on NS7 pls?


Unfortunately I did not take notes in this case. I didn’t test on NS, I tested it on a webhost.
It was a simple setup like download, put files to right directory, create data directory, create mysql db and browse to installer page.
For NS I’d use a virtualhost. Some php modules could be needed.

Docs: http://learn.elgg.org/en/latest/intro/install.html