DHCP Server ping check

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: DHCP

in a network I have some devices with static ip, the dhcp server assists other devices in dhcp that ip.
Did the dhcp server ping check before assigning the ip?



I don’t think a DHCP server should “PING” an adress…
Rather, you should reserve those Adresses in DHCP for those boxes using a fixed (manual) IP.

That way, you “tell” your DHCP Server not distribute those IPs except if the right box requests one.
Example: Printers have fixed IP, but have the same IP reserved in your DHCP server. The Printer loses it’s memory (Due to update, power surge, whatever) - but is still available, as it gets the same IP from the DHCP server as it’s always used…

My 2 cents


I agree with @Andy_Wismer about using reserved IP entries to avoid IP collisions in any case but dnsmasq does a ping check before assigning IPs, see DHCP giving out IPs that are already in use or the dnsmasq man page, search for “–no-ping”.

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IMO there are 2 solutions for your problem:

  • use DHCP reservations
  • have a smaller DHCP scope than your subnet and only assign static addresses outside the DHCP scope