Dhcp server for each alias ip?

NethServer Version: 7
Module: network
can i assign a dhcp for an alias ip?? l mean in microtik router for example i can asign multiple ip addresses to the same interface and have diffrent dhcp server and pools for each ip. can i have that on nethserver??

I am not sure if this is possible with an alias IP like you described it. I don’t know mikrotik but it seems like they use different (logical) interfaces for having multiple DHCP servers as you should have only one active DHCP server in a network.

In Nethserver you can’t assign a DHCP server to an alias IP but you can assign it to (logical) interfaces, VLANs or bridges…

The alias IP makes more sense on red for managing more public IPs for example:


thx for your reply. the nethserver actually is replacing the microtik router which had 2 subnets on 2 bridges and since caspman(managing AP) manage the AP i could create a bridge for them, which is not possible in nethserver since it cannot virtually manaage them and create bridge for them. so until i get the new maginable switches i order i cannot have VLANs and the ip pool on is limited and not enough. and i have many devices with static ip configuration so cannot change subnet mask on all of them.
i guess the only way is just to wait until i get the new switches :stuck_out_tongue:


I am a bit curious, @1118: which use could have you for this feature?