[DHCP] Reservation with alternative gateway


I have a network with 2 internet connections, all normal clients will use the default gateway, however some clients have to use the seconday gateway, of which one does only support dhcp, and has no static configuration option.

Is there a way I can assign another gateway than the default one?



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This is possible, but you need to create a custom template, and adapt the settings for that (or all 3 clients…).

The used template system is the e-smith template system.
See here:


DHCP has a lot of options, hosts can have reserved IPs, they are identified by their MAC-Addresses. These reserved IP hosts can have differing gateways, dns, whatever…

The used DHCP Server is dnsmasq…


Tip: Set an IP range for these machines, eg 192.168.xxx.51-60…

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