DHCP Reservation Problem with duplicate hostname

When using the IP reservation feature of the DHCP panel, I inadvertently assigned the same hostname to a wireless interface on the same PC with a wired interface. To my surprise it seemed to work. However on closer inspection, the list of DHCP-assigned IP addresses no longer included the original interface. In other words, it appeared to allow two interfaces to have the same name, but it did not work.

Assuming that two interfaces are not permitted to have the same hostname, here is a suggested resolution: perform a check when a reservation is attempted to see if it is a duplicate name, and report it as an error, rather than proceed.

Hello Harry

with 2 different NIcs (LAN / WLAN) had two differend MAC adresses. Normaly DCHP use this MACs for building IPs. So every MAC shoud have a on IP. If your Notebook is connectet on both ways with the same name there will be no cannect to the Network. So now chance for resevations on IP side.

When you have no resevation, ther is a otion to use the PC nme as Networkname. The DHCP server override the DNS Name with PC (network) name. Thean the first IP connect (LAN or WLAN) will use the PC name but mostly a other IP.

With resevation therr only one save way und two IPs with two names, reson is you had two MACs