DHCP issue with linux server

I am totally stucked with the ip range of my network. Can you explain me to how to extend dhcp ip range without restarting linux server. I tried editing dhcpd.conf file. But it is never save changes. thanks very much


May I know which class of IP u have assigned and subnet mask.

Just use the web interface, DHCP -> Range. See http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/dhcp.html



you can watch the tutorial u will get some basic knowledge on it.

Thank you.


The class of ip
ip range is -

this is not enough now to backup the datas. Please help me to edit this range without restarting the server. because there is a message in server " you must restart". I made little changes and i am affraid of any problem to users. Because i am new to nethserver systems and linux. thanks for helping me

Please go through the image. and extend ur range as u wish as per ur ip addresses.

Go to dashboard- services- check dhcp is running or not. and if require restart the dhcp service


That sounds good. but it is asking to restart the server. Ok, Can you help me to linux command or editing and saving dhcpd.conf file. Once i done it, but dhcpd.conf file reverts back to the status it was before every time i edit and restart the dhcpd service. thats why i so tired of being search for the correct one for help me. thanks.

Check this link. Hope it will be useful for you.


After checking this if it not works then I guess u r stucked with some updates of RPM so it is not taking ur response, because of that it is asking for restart.

changing dhcp ip range doesn’t need a server restart…
can you please take a snapshot of the “please restart your server” message?

you have to read and learn a bit how NS works… it’s not a “common” linux distro… and, IIRC, in the top (header) of dhcpd.conf you’d have a woarning about direct editing of that file.

please, seriously, take some time to study how NS works, since you said you’re unexperienced and you have some users behind your server…


You do not need to edit anything. It is easy

OP already had the answer, in another place, for another linux distro… :slight_smile:

Of cause. thank you all for supporting me. Because i am very new to linux, nethservice, it is very difficult to understand the theory. thank you all

Things get difficult, if you put your mind.

We are here to help and guide.


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That’s not NethServer indeed, you’re talking about something else. Please add screenshots and details following this guide

EDIT: NethServer never asks for reboot

you need to restart dhcp server in order to take the changes.

service dhcpd restart or service dhcpd6 restart

nevermind, as I said, his question was about another OS (SME)… he had answer “on the other side” :wink:

@ns_nirosh You’re asking questions about other products, this is not NethServer.
Please be aware of that and don’t take advantage of the kindness of others

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