Dhcp gateway error

NethServer Version: latest
Module: Network

I have been experiencing a challenge that has so far been repetitive.
in some vps providers, After installing nethserver, the network is default to DHCP, which alwys gives me an warning on the screen.
so I have to change to a static .

The challenge comes when I try to configure the static ip, at the section of gateway, sometimes I would use if ip is I would set the gateway to and it would work, in some instances it would not.

Even if I do a route -n in command line, I get the gateway, when I use it, it does not work.

The challenge I gte biggest, is that I get locked out of the server, I can not ping to the server, and even if I og in via vnc, I can not ping outside. why does this keep happening,

so far my solutions has been to rebuild the server, if the provider does not offer image backups, or restore from a restore point I created.

is it an issue with nethserver, with my configurations, or with the provider?

@oneitonitram which network zone are you talking about? Red? Green? Orange?

It is on the green network mostly

It should work if you set the same static IP you got from DHCP.

When you only have a green interface the gateway needs to be entered on the green interface. If you have an additional red interface the gateway needs to be entered there.

I have tried to enter the same ip address as the server, it refues,
is there a problem if nethserver operates with dhcp instead of static ip, on a vps

I am used to static IPs for servers but if the IP doesn’t change there should be no problem on a VPS but I never tried.

its ok, its the warning which I cant shut o


These messages are in /etc/nethserver/todos.d/.

IIRC it’s enough to chmod -x /etc/nethserver/todos.d/10green-dhcp


Thank you.

I really am learning a lot with regards to nethserver. its a system
in a short while ill be guru
I was wondering, where are the future development roadmaps listed?

You’re welcome.

Here it is the roadmap:

IMHO, use a public address as Green zone interface could not be best choice for security…

At least… If you don’t change the firewall default rules.