Development Updates - July 2017

As you may know a lot of work has been done in the last few months.
Sometimes it’s hard to find out what’s in the air and have a complete overview.
So it is time to go and catch up to our development report!

Configuration backup enhancement

Starting from @Ctek’s work and straight from our meeting at FOSDEM17 @davidep has developed a configuration backup enhancement. The goal is:

  • “restore from backup” at first system boot (FirstConfigWiz UI module)
  • configuration backup history
  • history length customization
  • upload an item to the history
  • restore from history

More info

New backup panel

OpenvPN: improve net2net tunnels

The main goal of this refactor is to simplify the creation of tunnels to connect 2 remote networks using a VPN. (Kudos to @giacomo)

More info about the new workflow here

Other features:

  • Tunnel status is displayed inside the page configuration page:

OpenVPN page has been split in two pages:

  • OpenVPN roadwarrior
  • OpenVPN tunnels

  • Tunnel client can be now enabled and disabled

The administrator is be able to add extra push options to roadwarrior server like:

  • select if the client must receive all configured static routes or only routes for green networks
  • push extra DHCP options like:
  • Domain
  • DNS server
  • WINS server
  • NBDD server

WebTop 5.0.7 (first upgrade pack)

Thanks to our @webtop_team these are the new features introduced in the last update

  • support complex filters (multiple conditions and actions) and Sieve script selection
  • support to paste-image inside html editor
  • New view management IMAP folders
  • Improved the view of new mail in discussions
  • new interactive search, using ctrl+enter on search field or selecting “interactive” as the search field

More info

Backup data: basic webDAV support for backups and storage stats

Thanks to @dnutan we have implemented WebDav as backend for backup data and dashboard now displays storage utilization statistics

UI tweaks for IPSec tunnels

We have improved the web interface, now you can:

  • allow IP addresses and host names in the “Remote IP” field
  • enable and disable tunnels from the table view by adding two new actions

Web proxy: support divert and priority rules

Firewall rules for routing traffic to a specific provider, or decrease/increase priority, are applied only to network traffic which traverse the gateway.
These rules don’t apply if the traffic goes through the proxy because the traffic is generated from the gateway itself.

The new web interface for the web proxy, will allow to create rules like:

  • HTTP/S traffic from host badpc has low priority
  • HTTP/S traffic from CIDR service_net has high priority
  • HTTP/S traffic from myprinter diverted to myslownet provider (automatic failover)
  • HTTP/S traffic from mywebserver forced to myfastnet provider (no switch if the WAN goes down)

NextCloud 12

Nextcloud has been upgraded to latest upstream release (12.0.0).

Accounts provider update

After a few (re)iterations of development/testing/fixing the new UI for accounts provider management is available.

Main features:

  • Both AD and LDAP local accounts provider can be installed/uninstalled from Accounts provider page
  • LDAP remote accounts provider: connection parameters are probed automatically
  • AD remote accounts provider: NetBIOS domain name and LDAP connection parameters are probed automatically
  • AD local accounts provider:
    you can assign any DNS domain/Realm to AD. It is no longer bound to the host domain name. This fixes many issues with mail server configurations
  • Change the IP of the nsdc Linux Container: available with a shell script

For further information all closed issues are reported on our bug tracker.
As always thanks to our devs and the whole community for the participation/testing/support.